There has been a lot going on at CCC lately that has required much work!

Dear Congregation,

Greetings! I hope you’re doing well. It would be great to see you in worship Sunday, either in-person in the Sanctuary or virtually when you sign your name in the Facebook “Comment” space. As I shared with you last Sunday during the Announcements, worship attendance numbers have fallen noticeably these past couple of weeks. I know that things come up in life that get in the way of being present in worship, but I hope you realize that it makes a difference to have you here, both to the gathered congregation and for your soul. Remember that God gave humanity the gift of the Sabbath as a time to rest and recharge our spiritual batteries. Those batteries have certainly been drained by all that the pandemic has demanded of us these many months! Making attendance at worship a priority has benefits for you, as well as for your fellow attendees.  We support each other by our presence when we show up, living our baptismal vows to Christ and to his church.

There has been a lot going on at CCC lately that has required much work, organization, and coordination to meet deadlines. We’ve had to see that property fixes mandated by the 40-year Plan Assessment were made, the in-depth, comprehensive Insurance Board Questionnaire was completed, the ongoing work of the Property Planning Task Force proceeded toward its goals in a timely manner, and that property emergencies were dealt with quickly. A few people have done a great deal to ensure that this work was done and done well. Thanks so much to Daniel Best, Antonia Godley-Juarez, Lorrie LeGrand, Miriam Grissett, and Trustees Julio Balcells, Wally and Judy Carlson, Anita Smith, and Atalya Starre.

I cannot emphasize enough that I believe CCC is at a turning point as we look toward a different future than we might have envisioned a few years ago. We need “all hands-on deck” so to speak as the ship of the church travels into uncharted waters. My great comfort is in knowing that we are not alone in this, as God is always faithful. I invite you to renew your commitment to CCC with your presence and with your willingness to be involved in whatever way the gifts you have are needed.

God Bless You!

Pastor Candy

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