Spiritual and Faith Formation at CCUCC

Learning is important throughout the human life. The education of followers of Jesus Christ is a process through which lives are empowered to become open to the present and coming realm of God, where people are enabled to better understand and more closely follow the teachings of Jesus with their lives, and by which life is enriched in all of its personal and social dimensions.

Learning occurs throughout the span of human life as we ask about, and live with, the fundamental questions of existence, both of which open opportunities and occasions for education. Learning occurs in a variety of ways: in study and reflection, in action and contemplation, in practice and discipline, in worship and sacraments, in prayer and celebration.

All the realities and needs of life are occasions for learning—e.g., dealing with personal and social crises of life; wrestling with issues of ethics; exploring the meaning of Christian vocation; assessing the impact of science, technology, economics, and politics upon individuals and nations; and recognizing and opposing injustice in every form.

Believing these things, Christ Congregational Church provides a variety of opportunities for adults to engage in learning, growing and nurturing their personal spiritual lives and in deepening their theological understandings of life and the world. These include:

CCC Women Studies – Meeting on the third Saturday of the month, the CCC Women engage in a variety of studies to deepen their faith. Members share reports on mission books they’ve read from the Reading For Renewal program.

Some of these books include:  “The Calligrapher’s Daughter”, “Under The Overpass: A Journey of Faith On The Streets Of America”, and “Someone Knows My Name”.

The women learned about Antionette Brown Blackwell, the first woman pastor in this country.  They’ve studied Amish living/faith and some of the native beliefs of Hawaii.

Reading For Renewal – The CCC Women participate in this program of the Florida Conference UCC Women.  A list of the novels and non-fiction works being read for the year may be obtained by contacting the Chairperson of the CCC Women.  Most of the books on the list are available in the Church Library located in the Kelsey Building.

Bible Studies & Lenten Studies are offered throughout the year and specifically during the season of Lent leading up to Easter.

Primetime Discussion – Primetime is an adult Christian formation group that gathers every Sunday from October through April to discuss current topics and issues.  The group meets in the Library Room of the Kelsey Building from 9:30 am until 10:20 am.  Childcare is provided in the Lullaby Lounge (Nursery).  The group selects books to read but discussion ranges from far and wide and new members are welcome to join anytime of the year.

Justice Luncheons – Occur approximately 6 times a year, after Sunday worship.  Sponsored by The Mission Outreach Committee and the Board of Deacons.  Participants are encouraged to bring a potluck dish to share and after lunch there is a presentation of a social justice issue, the work of a local community agency, or a guest from another religious belief.