Grace and peace to you.

Dear Congregation,

Grace and peace to you. I’m sure we are all grateful that Hurricane Ian has passed us by, even as we pray for those on the west coast of Florida and beyond who have suffered such devastation. I am waiting to hear how our churches in Naples, Ft. Myers, the Orlando area, and elsewhere in Ian’s path have fared. Since our Florida Conference UCC office is in Orlando, that is also a concern. I will let you know when I have information.

Many in our congregation have shared their stories with me of what it was like to live in the area when Hurricane Andrew hit Homestead. Although this summer marked the 25th anniversary of that terrible devastation, memories are still very vivid for those who experienced the hurricane and survived. I know I’ve heard again and again that faith and prayer helped get people through that terrible time.
My family and I got a taste of what it’s like to evacuate prior to Hurricane Irma in 2017. I’ll always remember driving through the dark, rainy night in heavy traffic crowded in two cars with my daughter Jory’s family and our dogs and cats toward hoped—for safety in Orlando. I certainly was praying then!

And so, when I saw this powerful poem, I wanted to share it with you as we continue to live in a place that has a Hurricane Season every year.

In Christ’s love and peace.

Pastor Candy

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