October greetings to you all!

Dear Congregation,
October greetings to you all! This e-blast is coming to you a little early this week as our Administrative Assistant Miriam and I will be at the Florida Conference Annual Gathering at The Community Church of Vero Beach from Thursday through Saturday noon. We will be joined by Daniel Best and Graham Bryan as we come together for Worship, conduct business, learn at workshops, and join in fellowship with members of UCC churches across the conference. We’ll share highlights of our time there with you in worship on Sunday.
Speaking of Sunday, it is very important that all our CCC members who are able are present in worship and for the presentations that will follow during at potluck lunch in Kelsey Hall. Michael Downs, former UCC Pension Boards president, and Ms. Stacy Pettice, United Church Funds representative, will be with us as we continue to gather information to help CCC develop plans for the handling of our finances which the church will receive after the sale of our property. Although we’ll livestream the presentations on ZOOM, we’ve had mixed success with that in the past. It would be best, if at all possible, to be there in person.
May God bless us all as we work together to plan for the future of the ministry of the church!
In Christ’s love,
Pastor Candy
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