“Do you love me?”

Dear Congregation,
I hope you’ll notice the message on our outdoor signboard as you enter the church parking lot this Sunday. It says, “LOVE LIKE JESUS!”, recognizing the fact that Valentine’s Day, with its focus on love, is just coming just around the corner on Tuesday. This powerful and thought-provoking message, a directive aimed at the unspoken ‘you’, comes not from the writings of a famous author, but is found on a dish towel with a background of little hearts! Miriam and I each have one of these hanging in our kitchens. (See picture.) That goes to show that just about anything can be used to encourage Christian discipleship, even a kitchen towel!
The New Testament gives examples of Jesus’ love as an emotion, but most often his love is shown in his actions and words. At the end of his time on earth he asks Simon Peter the all-important question, “Do you love me?” three times. When Peter replies in the affirmative, Jesus directs him to feed his lambs and tend his sheep, to demonstrate his love for Jesus with caring actions for the vulnerable.
As we show love this Valentine’s Day with the traditional cards, flowers, and candy, let us challenge ourselves on every day of the year to “LOVE LIKE JESUS!”.
I hope to see you in the Garden Chapel Sunday as we worship together in that peaceful place.
In Christ’s love,
Pastor Candy
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