As I write to you on Thursday, April 22nd it is Earth Day.

Dear Congregation,
As I write to you on Thursday, April 22nd it is Earth Day. As I shared in Sunday’s children’s message, this year’s Earth Day theme is “Restore Our Earth”. According to, “…this year’s theme focuses on natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. It is up to each and every one of us to Restore Our Earth, not just because we care about the natural world, but because we live on it. We all need a healthy Earth to support our jobs, livelihoods, health, survival, and happiness. A healthy planet is not an option—it is a necessity.”
We at CCC have been extremely fortunate to be able to worship in our Garden Chapel during part the pandemic. As we return to worshipping in the Sanctuary on May 2nd, I think some of us may have mixed emotions. While we will surely be glad to be in that familiar, comfortable, and air-conditioned space, I’m sure many of us will miss the peace and beauty of sitting outdoors feeling the gentle breeze and hearing the cries of birds. It has sometimes felt as if nature itself was joining us in worshipping the God who made us all.
One of the hopes expressed as we look forward to CCC’s future, is that the Garden Chapel, and labyrinth area can be creatively utilized to offer opportunities to the wider community to share in the peace of this place. In this fast-paced, challenging world, there are many who could benefit from access to the healing and holy space that can be found in nature right here.
Let us commit ourselves as individuals and as a church to do all we can to
“Restore Our Earth”.
In Christ’s love,
Pastor Candy
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