As I write this, life at CCC is a mixture of joys and concerns, just as we share in weekly worship.

Dear Congregation,
As I write this, life at CCC is a mixture of joys and concerns, just as we share in weekly worship. In the joy category is the news that we plan to resume worship in the Sanctuary on Sunday, May 2nd at 10:30 a.m. We will, of course, be following our pandemic protocols. This decision was made recognizing the reality that it will soon be uncomfortably warm in our beautiful Garden Chapel that has been such a blessing to our spirits these past months.
Also a joy is the fact that on Saturday the necessary plumbing work is scheduled to be completed on our campus that will stop the leaks causing our sky-high water bills. Thanks to all who have been involved in getting this project scheduled—Julio and our Trustees, David Williams, Daniel Best, Lorrie LeGrand, and Antonia Godley-Juarez.
In the concern category, of course, is our Administrative Assistant Michelle Simone’s continued illness. She remains in the Intensive Care Unit at Baptist Hospital and is very ill. I know that we are keeping her in our prayers. I have been in daily contact with her mother Pat Rakow who is very grateful for the support of the church. I have also been able to visit Michelle several times and have assured her that many prayers are being lifted for her healing.
Thanks to those who have come forward to help fill in the gaps that Michelle’s absence has created in the daily functioning of the church office—Cindy Ketzle, Judy Carlson, and Joan Chandler. Daniel Best continues to wear so many hats and does so much to keep things running smoothly on the property. Thanks also to Moderator Lorrie LeGrand for all the church-related balls she so ably keeps spinning in the air.
At CCC We Are the Church, centered in and supported by the love of Jesus Christ through all the joys and concerns of life. Thanks be to God for the gift of faith and the gift of Christ’s church!
In Christ’s love,
Pastor Candy
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