Welcome to November!

Dear Congregation,

Welcome to November! At home and in my office, I’ve taken down my Halloween decorations and enjoyed putting out my few Thanksgiving knick-knacks. Among those are a collection of Thanksgiving cards I’ve saved that a friend of mine has crafted and sent me over the years. Looking back over them, I see that the words “Thankful” and “Grateful” are used again and again on the front of each card with various lettering, colors, and graphics.

Thankful and Grateful are good words to keep in mind as we think about Stewardship Sunday which we’ll celebrate on November 19 th . In preparation for that time, which is also the Sunday before Thanksgiving, church members will share their reasons for choosing CCC as their church home. Bianca Montenegro will be our first speaker this Sunday during a brief Stewardship Moment. Members will be receiving pledge cards in the mail inviting them to commit to giving both financially and of their time and talents to the church in 2024. These pledge cards will be consecrated in worship on November 19th .

We have been given a wonderful opportunity here at CCC having financially benefited greatly from the sale of the church property, while leasing back what we use. The intention is that money will not be used to pay the usual expenses but will be invested and used in mission and outreach to a community and wider world in such need. Therefore, it is important that members continue to give for the work of the church.

I know how important CCC is to you and thank you for your faithfulness.

In Christ’s love.

Pastor Candy

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