Tomorrow is our 1st Annual Fall Country Harvest Festival!

Dear Congregation,

Tomorrow is our 1st Annual Fall Country Harvest Festival from Noon to 4 p.m. I hope you share my excitement in looking forward to this event that is a new thing for CCC!!! Bianca Montenegro has done an incredible job at arranging for, and organizing, the many aspects of the festival. Some of those are: food trucks serving free food, a giant slide, a train for children, a hayride, games, face painting, popcorn, cotton candy, a D.J., Graham Bryan’s “Giggles and Groves Garden” with the Sunshine Sounds band, a fire truck, the Big Red Bus, arts and crafts vendors, non-profit information tables, and more.

CCC members and volunteers will be wearing our new t-shirts, each an ambassador for the church. There will be an information table for those who are interested in learning more about CCC, with handouts of CCC pens and cards advertising our upcoming events. The cards declare truthfully, “We’re a small church doing BIG things!”

I think it’s important to remember why we are doing this, because, of course, there is a financial cost to the church in hosting this event. To my mind, it is an investment in the future of CCC— “marketing”, if you will. We have agreed that it’s imperative to let the community know we are here and what we stand for. We want and need more people, not just to fill our pews, but to share in the blessings of being part of a church that is committed to acting as Christ’s body in this time and place. We also know what a gift it is to be a part of a community of faith in the ups and downs of life and we want to share that gift with others.

Jesus said, “Therefore go and make disciples…” (Matthew 28:19) One of the ways to do that may just be to give them a taste of the kingdom of God in the here and now. Could it be that in our hospitality tomorrow, each person who comes to our Fall Festival, in any capacity, will experience, in our welcome, kindness and opportunities for fun, that taste, and will be drawn to return? I hope and pray that is so and solicit your prayers for a successful festival tomorrow.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Candy

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