This Sunday is Health and Human Service Sunday

Dear Congregation,
I hope you are doing well! I know as I talk with you that many are dealing with health concerns, both your own, as well as those of family and friends. I know we are grateful when we find helpful resources for care.
This Sunday is Health and Human Service Sunday when we are reminded on the Worship Ways web page that… “The UCC and its predecessor denominations courageously founded schools, hospitals, and orphanages during times of pandemic, war, and social upheaval. Now, there are more than 400 UCC affiliated health care centers, hospitals, affordable housing and retirement communities, transitional housing for those experiencing homelessness or domestic violence, and service centers for children, youth, families, and those with disabilities. These ministries continue to show up in the most challenging circumstances—and do so with a hope that has come alive. It is thus a day to celebrate how the life of the church is vibrant beyond our church walls and outreach ministries.
So, let us give thanks for this collective work of the Spirit. Let us uplift God’s healers and equity weavers, visionaries of freedom, and frontline responders—that together, we may create a just, caring, and compassionate world. Amen.”
By your offerings over the years, you have been a part of initiating and supporting many of these health and service ministries. Thank you!
We are blessed in our congregation to have doctors, nurses, and other healers. We are also blessed at CCC to have those who work for justice and in various ways to help those in need. May God strengthen and support them in their holy work!
I look forward to being in worship with you and pray for your health and well-being.
In Christ’s love, 
Pastor Candy
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