This coming Just Peace Sunday will be special at CCC!

Dear Congregation,

This coming Just Peace Sunday will be special at CCC. I hope and pray that you’ll be with us, either in person or on Facebook, during the worship service focused on peace and justice, and, in person or on ZOOM, for the Churchwide Visioning Day afterward led by Neal Watkins, Minister for Congregational Life, Florida Conference UCC. In between, we’ll dedicate and bless the wooden cross by our driveway entrance which now bears the message in many languages, “May Peace Prevail on Earth”.

Many thanks to Karen Kett who donated the message plaques and actually lettered some, nailed them on, and painted the cross. She did an amazing job, as you can see from the pictures!

The fact that a Peace Cross stands at the entrance to our church makes a powerful statement to all who see it—whether whizzing by in their cars, trucks, motorcycles, or on their bicycles down S.W. 67 Ave., walking or running by as they exercise, entering to worship, dropping off their kids at Sunrise School of Miami, or exiting into the world. It is a witness to the fact that we are a church who worship Christ as the Prince of Peace.

The words on the cross are an affirmation that we believe that peace is possible on every level, from peace in our homes and community to peace in our country and around the world. At such a time as this, when war continues to rage in the Ukraine because of Russia’s aggression, it is especially important that we witness for peace. We have a wonderful, hopeful vision of peace with justice in Micah 4:1-5 which we’ll explore on Sunday.

May you come and share the passing of the Peace of Christ with each other in worship, and may you then participate in the visioning for CCC’s future that we’ll engage in together afterward.

Peace to each of you!

In Christ’s love.

Pastor Candy

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