There has been quite a bit of activity going on outside!

Dear Congregation,
There has been quite a bit of activity going on outside around the property lately. Trees are getting a much-needed trimming, as can be seen by the large piles of dead branches in the parking lot. I’ve been informed they will be ground into mulch and used. I’ve also heard that this is just the beginning of taking care of landscaping that will greatly improve the appearance of the grounds. Power washing was also done this week and the pond was treated and is now crystal clear. I understand that work will be done next week to find the cause (possibly a broken underground pipe) of the pothole in front of the church entrance. I am so glad to see things being accomplished that we’d hoped would happen when the property was sold. Our landlord, Westminster Christian Schools, has been very responsive, and we are grateful to have property issues addressed quickly and so well!
I thought I’d bring you up to date on what’s happening here because I know that you value the beauty of the property. It is a lovely, special, peaceful place. Hopefully in the future, when plans for updating the labyrinth come to fruition, others will be drawn here to enjoy the spiritual nurture it offers.
Jesus uses many examples from nature in his parables. This Sunday our focus will be on Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23, The Parable of the Sower.
I hope that you’ll join us in worship in person in the Sanctuary or on Facebook as we reflect on Jesus’ words and what they mean for our individual lives and for CCC today. God Bless You!
In Christ’s love,
Pastor Candy
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