I hope your summer is going well!

Dear Congregation,
I hope your summer is going well, as challenging as it currently is weather-wise with the high heat and humidity!
Here in the church offices Tracy and I have been told that next week the carpeting will be removed, and new vinyl flooring will be installed. This will be a nice improvement and a healthier alternative. Windows that have leaked, allowing the carpet to get wet and possibly mold, are scheduled to be caulked so the rain no longer will be able to get in.
In preparation, we have been moving things off shelves, unearthing notebooks and minutes recording long ago meetings and more. I think this is a good time to weed though paperwork that has no historical significance to CCC and to take steps to preserve what is important. At church, even more so than at home I’ve found, it’s easy for paperwork, and other items to accumulate and gather dust. Just as there are movements to declutter at home, decluttering at church makes sense.
I think this is also true for our personal lives. I know I’ve accumulated
much that needs to go, both in my closets and perhaps in my habits and
thinking about what’s important. Jesus was all about simplicity,
encouraging his disciples to trust that God would provide. Sending
them out into the world with hardly anything forced them in their
vulnerability to have interactions with other people, depending on their
generosity. In those relationships there were openings to share the Good News of the kingdom of God.
I look forward to being with you in worship on Sunday, in person or on
Facebook, as we sing, pray, hear scripture read, and preached contemplating its meaning for our lives. God Bless You!
In Christ’s love,
Pastor Candy