New Year’s greetings to all of you!

Dear Congregation,

New Year’s greetings to all of you and much joy and happiness in 2024!

There’s something hopeful about entering a new year with its possibilities and unknown opportunities, isn’t there? I think that’s also true in the life of a church as well as in our lives as individuals.

For CCC 2023 was certainly a year of a big change. A lot of hard work culminated in the sale of church property with a wonderful 20-year lease-back. As a result of the sale, we were relieved of the burden of property maintenance, given the finances to expand faithful ministry, and energized to be creative in discerning what God is calling us to do in this time and place. New Mission and Vision statements helped focus us on who we are and how we’ll act out our faith as a church in the future.

As we look forward with enthusiasm, let us be reminded that, no matter what the future brings, God will be in it with us. Although the times in which we live are concerning in many areas, we are not alone.

On Christmas Eve we stood together at the end of worship outdoors in the Garden Chapel with our lighted candles. We were reminded that because of Jesus’ birth the darkness has not overcome the light. It is up

to each of us, and to the church we love, to carry Christ’s light into the world next year. Lift the candle of your life up high so Christ’s love may be seen and shared!

I hope to see you in worship Sunday as we prepare to welcome the new year together.

In Christ’s love.

Pastor Candy