“Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!”

Dear Congregation,
As we approach our Christmas Eve Candlelight worship service at 5 p.m. tomorrow, I share with you this lovely and meaningful poem by The Rev. David Long-Higgins, UCC Heartland Conference Minister, OH.
“The Flame of Love” – An Advent Prayer
O Flame of Love,
   Light this wick of me
   Bearing something of You
   Into the life of the world
   Desperate for Your shining
   To illuminate every corner
   Held by fear or fatigue.
Let it be just enough
   To brighten the path
   Toward Bethlehem surprises
   Still bearing Your coming
   In little ones overlooked
   By a world distracted
   With dead-end detours.
Yes, fan Your flame of love
   On this wick of me
   Alongside others
   Also bearing Your flame
   Of hope, of peace, of joy
   In some grand reversal
   Of the world’s script
   Of discouragement
   Drudgery and despair.
Yes, radiate Your love
   In and through me
   For some larger good
   Passing Your light from me
   To other waiting wicks
   Also created by You
   To bear Your loving light
   Blazing a trail to Bethlehem
   Answering the world’s yearning
   For something of You
   To be born anew.
Yes, let this little wick of me
   Bear some small part
   Of Your grand mystery
   Growing Your glow of grace
   Revealing Your coming
   Even here, even now
   Especially now.
   Yes, yes, yes…
At the close of the service, we will (weather permitting) sing the beautiful carol “Silent Night” as we stand together in the Garden Chapel. I invite you to think of this poem and challenge yourself to BE the “little wick” that carries the Light of Christ’s love into the world. In the words of the children’s’ song, “Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!”
A Merry Christmas to each of you.
In Christ’s love,
Pastor Candy
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