Lenten greetings to you!

Dear Congregation,

Lenten greetings to you. I pray that this season of the church year, which began on Ash Wednesday, will be meaningful to each of you.

You’ll notice on Sunday that the communion table is now draped in purple, which is the liturgical color for Lent. That color was originally reserved for royalty because purple dye was more expensive. It is also a reminder that Jesus had a purple robe placed upon him at Pilate’s command to mock him as “King of the Jews” shortly before his crucifixion. It thus symbolizes his pain and suffering, and our mourning, and repentance.

During the forty days of Lent I invite you to be intentional about deepening your spiritual life by being in worship, and setting aside a time each day for prayer, reading a devotional such as “BEND” from the Still speaking Writers’ Group, journaling, and/or spending some time in nature. You might also consider being generous in a new way, doing something for peace and justice, even a small thing. A Lenten discipline is usually thought of as “giving up” something like chocolate. Try seeing it in reverse as actively “doing” something like emailing a politician about an issue or giving money to a person begging at a stoplight. You almost always receive a “God Bless You” from him/her when you do.

You have the power to make Lent something special to you and to others with whom you connect in some way. Ask God to guide you in this purple season.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Candy

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