Grace and peace to each of you!

Dear Congregation,

Grace and peace to each of you. It was exciting to have a portion of our new audio/visual system up and running for worship last Sunday. I have heard from many of you that the sound was very much improved, which was wonderful to hear! I really like my new over-the-ear lavaliere microphone which gives me freedom of movement. (No more having to practically put my mouth on the pulpit mic in an attempt to be heard!) Jay and Graham will also have new mics to use.

The two large screens, on which the worship bulletin and song lyrics were projected, were also very well-received. This coming Sunday we’ll see our first short video about the Church World Service Blanket the World with Love program during Announcements. In the future, there will be many and varied opportunities to use the screens to enhance worship and share information. Someone remarked that the screens gave a whole, new, modern feel to the Sanctuary.

Very soon the three cameras will be up and running. When the whole project is complete, we will no longer have to use an iPhone on a tripod to livestream on Facebook. We’ll also be able to zoom in and out and video from various angles.

The beautiful custom-made, wooden audio/visual booth, the command station for the system, blends in perfectly with the wood in the Sanctuary.

Many thanks to Daniel Best and Lorrie and Isabella LeGrand for being our live-streamers for so long, beginning way back when Covid started and we couldn’t worship together in person! Thank you to Bianca for working so hard with Greg Beaty from Sonic Integrity to make CCC’s dream a reality!

Here’s a picture of Bianca operating the system on Sunday. We are advertising for a very part-time audio/visual person to operate the system in the future.

I invite you to come and experience for yourself the improvements that have been made. Come and worship!

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Candy

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