It was just about one year ago, on March 8, 2020 that we last worshiped together in the sanctuary.

Dear Congregation,

 It was just about one year ago, on March 8, 2020 that we last worshiped together in the sanctuary. Worship was cancelled for the next Sunday as the Covid-19 pandemic became very real. In this past year we’ve managed to continue to have weekly worship, by the grace of God. We’ve gone from doing the new thing of live-streaming worship on Facebook an empty sanctuary with just a few of us present to lead the service, to live-streaming from my living room beginning April 12th when the strict “Safe at Home” restrictions took effect, until April 14th when a few of us returned to an empty sanctuary to lead Facebook worship, and  then to the happy day of  November 15th when CCC moved to in-person and Facebook worship in the Garden Sanctuary. We have survived! Thanks be to God who has been our comfort and our strength throughout this strange journey!

 I’ve heard so many people say, “I can’t believe a year has gone by!” It has been certainly been a year like no other. Now, with the arrival of the vaccines, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, as people are becoming vaccinated. The promise is that everyone will be able to get the vaccine by May. What wonderful news! We are headed toward what is being called the “new normal” not sure exactly what that will be. So I thought I’d share this poem by The Rev. Mary Luti as a reminder that God will be with us no matter what the future brings.

 In Christ’s love, which is not bound by time or circumstance.

Pastor Candy

Blessing for the Future

Bless, o God,

the unanswerable

the hypothetical

the  possible


Bless the silence

the shrug

the hard to say

the “who knows?”

the “have to wait and see”


Bless the markers

the absence of markers

the path

the no path

the indistinct

the clearing


Bless the arriving life

the nothing-normal-about-it new normal

the un-scouted

the future

the unknown

Bless you in it

the presence

the firm

the knowing

the power

the same love


Bless you in it

the center

the serene

the hidden near

The gleaming

The boundless mercy

The same love


The same love

Here and there


The same love

Now and when

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