Grace and peace to you!

Dear Congregation,

Grace and peace to you! The Rev. David Long-Higgins, Heartland Conference UCC Minister, recently posted this Poem/Prayer on a Facebook group for UCC ministers to which I belong. I think it’s quite lovely and inspirational, and so am sharing it with you. May each of us endeavor to have our “little life” mirror God!

Blessings on each step of your life’s journey.

In Christ’s love.

Pastor Candy

A Mirrored Life

A Prayer Inspired by the Apostle Paul

Loving God,

Form my life as a mirror

Reflecting something of You

Into the world today.

Grant me patience

With myself and others

Giving space for Your grace

To rise in unexpected ways.

Gift me with kindness

Opening my soul

To soften the roughness

Often conjured up within

And necessary for a world

Bent on meanness of spirit.

Release me from envy

Preventing my gratitude

For the many gifts You give

In perpetual outpouring

Overlooked by my restless heart.

Forgive my boasting

Born of forgetfulness

That all good arises

From the grace of You

Bearing itself in small ways

In my short, little, life.

Remove any arrogance

Separating me from You

And your promised appearing

In others easily overlooked

By my narrowed vision

Too often consumed

With ego’s fearful song.

Release me from rudeness

Toward anyone or anything

Easily taking for granted

The gift they are from You

Yet run over by my fatigue

Or overeager attachment

To efficiencies that overlook

Your arrival in the ordinary

In-between of the momentary.

Free me from myself

Getting out of the way

Of ego’s insistent design

Instead consenting to You

In loving submission

Persistently opening

A new way in me.

Dismantle my irritation

Often born of failures within

Yet too frequently projected

On others close whom I love.

Release me from resentments

Carried too long in my heart

Burdening me with a weight

Unnecessary and unhelpful

Preventing me from receiving

The multiple gifts You offer

If only I will entrust to You

These burdens of my making.

Grant me the joy

Of turning away from wrong

In thought, word, and deed

And toward the truth

Of Your persistent love

Bearing healing and hope

In perpetual rejoicing

At all You make possible.

Yes, Love,

Bear me up for this

Strengthening my trust

In Your eternal promise

That You, O Love,

Will never stop loving

Me or anyone else

In Your whole creation.

Yes, Love,

Form me ever anew

Mirroring Your love

In my little life

That matters to You.

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