Grace and peace to you.

Dear Congregation,

Grace and peace to you. The church office has been busy this week accepting deliveries of items ordered for Bobby Jo Valentine’s concert in our Sanctuary this Sunday at 4 p.m. Since the theme centers around a coffee house vibe with its relaxed atmosphere while people sipping coffee listen to guitar music and folk-style singing, we’ve gotten new carafes, a lot of coffee, of course, a utility cart, and a sign that says “Love is brewing”.

Bianca and I have had several phone conversations with Bobby Jo, who has been delightful. I’ve been listening to his songs on Spotify as I drive to and from the church and have really enjoyed them. I’m glad he’ll bring CD’s and a book of his poetry that can be purchased.

This is a free concert with free coffee and snacks, an opportunity for CCC to share the gift of music and relaxation with the community, as well as our members. In this age of high stress and anxiety I believe it is a gift that we can share in the here and now. Give yourself a gift, and plan to be there bringing friends and family, as we celebrate God’s gifts of creativity and music.

I look forward to seeing you at both worship and the concert. Let’s chill out together!

God Bless You.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Candy

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