What a wonderful celebration we shared last Sunday!

Dear Congregation, 
What a wonderful celebration we shared last Sunday! Thanks to everyone who was involved for sharing your gifts in worship, and/or  planning and preparing Kelsey Hall for the delicious catered brunch. I hope you felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as I did.
Red was the color of the day. In the church it is the color of celebration. As it is also the liturgical color for Pentecost, you are invited to wear red this Pentecost Sunday. The plan is for all of us at worship to walk out to the front of the property at the end of the service and have a group picture taken as we stand by our newly refurbished signs. Plan to be present!
Pentecost is the birthday of the Christian church, the day thousands of years ago when the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised his followers came as wind, flame, and power, enabling people from all different countries to hear in their own language the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is that same Spirit that helps us today to witness and act when there is injustice, and we are called to bring about positive change. Like many God-things it’s rather difficult to describe what it feels like when the Holy Spirit shows up, but I think we know when it does and it’s awesome!
I look forward to seeing you in worship Sunday when we’ll sing together “Happy Birthday Church”.
God Bless You.
In Christ’s love, 
Pastor Candy
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