What a difference a year makes!

Dear Congregation,

What a difference a year makes! Last Easter, which was Sunday, April 12, 2020, we were not able to be together in-person for worship because of pandemic safety restrictions. But we were able to worship together virtually! (See above picture.)

 I led worship from my living room, with my daughter Jory filming on my iPhone. The service was livestreamed on our Facebook page. YouTube videos recorded by Jay and Graham could be experienced, courtesy of my television. We persevered as a church, and you, as a congregation, were very supportive and appreciative of all efforts made to adapt to challenging circumstances. I thank all of you whose generous sharing of time, talents, and treasure enabled the church to continue to function so well!

I know many have expressed to me increased appreciation for their faith which helped ground and comfort them when they were afraid of becoming ill or even dying from Covid-19. People also found solace in the promises of God and in the love of Jesus Christ as they delt with isolation and loneliness, and faced an uncertain future.

Our prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones to the pandemic. May God comfort them and keep them close.

This Easter many have gratefully received the vaccine and some aspects of life have become much less restrictive. We are now able to worship together in-person in our beautiful and peaceful Garden Chapel, as well as continuing to live-stream services on Facebook. The church is still alive and looking to a future of new possibilities. We continue to be people of hope. God is good!

As we celebrate Easter 2021 in our Garden Chapel and on Facebook this Sunday, let us be especially grateful for the blessings of our faith which have brought us through this long, hard time. Let our Alleluia’s be loud and fervent as we lift our praises to Jesus Christ who conquered sin and death and lives in love forever.

A Happy and Blessed Easter to each of you. See you Sunday!

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Candy

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