We are all called to pray for our country’s future!

Dear Congregation,

I belong to the Facebook group for pastors called “Things they didn’t teach us in Seminary!” There are all kinds of posts from ministers falling under that theme, running the gamut from hilariously funny to truly heartbreaking. Surely I was never taught in Seminary the best way to respond in the church newsletter after an event like yesterday’s breach of our Capitol buildings by a violent, destructive mob incited by the President of the United States of America!

And so I will take my cue from our national U.C.C. leadership who scrambled in five hours to put together a national prayer vigil in which music, scripture, prayer, and the lighting of candles, and a pastoral address by The Rev. John Dorhauer were featured. We are all called to pray for our country’s future, for those who were injured, for those who died, for government leaders, for healing in the land, for democracy, for justice, and for peace. I invite you to watch the recorded service itself, which can be accessed on the UCC.org website.

In the past two weeks during Sunday in-person worship in the Garden Chapel you were given take-home symbols—a small Christ candle and a Star Word. The Christ candle symbolizes the light of Christ going out into the world to overcome the darkness of evil. The Star Word is a reminder that the Magi followed the Christmas Star to find the baby Jesus and encourages us to think about how our individual word might give insight or challenge to our life. Our world today needs the light of Christ and we are called to be its carriers trusting in Christ. The world also needs words and acts of love.  We are called to do what we can do, trusting in God and grounded in faith. Let us be creative, as individuals and as the CCC congregation to respond as Esther did in the words of our Advent focus text “for such a time as this.”

May God bless you and keep you close.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Candy

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