This Sunday we will return to using our hymnals!

Dear Congregation,
Advent blessings to you! I think we got off to a great start last Sunday as the HOPE candle was lit on the Advent wreath and we had the Hanging of the Greens with worshippers bringing in the Christmas symbols. After worship, many hands made light work of decorating the Sanctuary. We were fortunate to have visitors with children who were encouraged to help decorate the new Christmas tree donated by CCC Women. Welcome to Ben, Sara, Adelaide (9) and Matilda (6) Hansen! It was great to see how church members reached out to include this family!
The music of the season was great, and, of course, we are all very happy to see Jay looking so well and seated back at the piano after his surgery. We never know what instrument Graham will be playing as he is so versatile. My favorites are tied between the flute and his saxophone.
Speaking of music… this Sunday we will return to using our hymnals which were put away during the pandemic. The lyrics will not be in the printed worship bulletins, but will be in those sent out in the weekly email and on our website. Choir practice has resumed at 9:45 and could use some additional voices. Now would be a lovely time to enjoy sharing your vocal gifts in the beauty of the season.
I hope that you’re able to be in worship on this coming Second Sunday of Advent when we will reflect on the beautiful words of Isaiah 11:1-10 “The Peaceful Kingdom”.
A famous painting based on this text is “The Peaceable Kingdom” by Quaker artist Edward Hicks, shown here.
May Advent 2022 be a time of peace for you.
In Christ’s peace and love,
Pastor Candy
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