This Sunday is Rally Day.

Dear Congregation,

September greetings! I hope and pray you are doing well! I heard from those on last Sunday’s Zoom Fellowship call that the Florida Conference virtual worship service that day was well-received. I enjoyed it myself and was very appreciative of the conference reaching out to churches and pastors in this thoughtful and caring way. I know you were glad to see some familiar faces that reminded us of our connection in the Body of Christ in Florida.

I will be leading worship again this Sunday which is Rally Day. The word “rally” means, as a verb, “to reassemble, to call together for a common purpose” and, as a noun, is “a renewal of energy in joint action”.
 Although we won’t be rallying together physically just yet, we can rally virtually. I think we all could use a little rallying after our long six months of dealing with the Covid’19 pandemic challenges. I hope you will join me and our worship team.

On Monday morning I will begin two weeks of vacation by flying to Columbus, OH. I’m looking forward to visiting with my son Brian and three grandsons there. During the second week, I’ll be in my hometown of Sandusky, where I’ll be spending time with other family and friends. One of the treats of a Sandusky visit is always enjoying a Lake Erie Perch Sandwich while sitting on a picnic bench by Sandusky Bay!

You’ll be in good hands while I’m gone. The Rev. David Lane will lead worship on Facebook on September 20th   and will be available in case of pastoral emergencies.  Lisa LeSueur will lead Facebook worship on September 27th.

I’ll be back at work on September 28th and trust that my time away will have rallied my spirits as we enter fall with new challenges and opportunities together as CCC.

God Bless You!

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Candy

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