This coming Sunday is designated as Good Shepherd Sunday

Dear Congregation,
This coming Sunday is designated as Good Shepherd Sunday. I know that the Twenty-third Psalm, which is one of the texts in which we are given this image of God, is a favorite of many of you. In it we find comfort, peace, protection, and the assurance that our Good Shepherd, who we see as Jesus, is with us always. This psalm is a gift which many of us have memorized so we can have it with us whenever we need to be reminded of those words.
We will be looking at very different image of Jesus in Sunday’s Gospel text, John 10:1-10, in which Jesus says, “Very truly I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep.” I invite you to be thinking of all the walls in our personal lives, and in our world that would benefit from Jesus being the gate that could provide freedom as well as security.
I’m looking forward to our Justice luncheon and hope to see you there in Kelsey after worship.
In Christ’s love.
Pastor Candy
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