Summer greetings to you!

Dear Congregation,
Summer greetings to you as we head into the official start of the season on Wednesday, June 21st! We have two celebrations we’ll be lifting up in worship on Sunday—Father’s Day, and the newest Federal holiday, Juneteenth, on Monday, 6/19, which commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. I hope you’ll be present in worship, either in person or on Facebook
The Gospel text that will be our focus is Matthew 9:35-10:8, one of the accounts of Jesus calling his disciples. The sermon title is “Ordinary People”, for it’s important to remember that Jesus chose ordinary people to do extraordinary work to share the Good News of the kingdom of God. Those ordinary people are responsible for the world-wide Christian church which is estimated at having over 2.2 billion believers today. He continues to choose ordinary people to be the Body of Christ in this world.
As you’ve probably heard me say often, in response so some new or ongoing piece of appalling news, “There’s a lot of work to be done in the world!” I truly believe that framing our response in such a way not only recognizes that we have the power to change the bad, but that, as Christians, as ordinary people, it is in our job description to work to do so as best we can. We do not accept that we are powerless, but remember whose we are. We remember that Jesus has given us the Holy Spirit to aid us and to empower us.
I am energized by what the ordinary members of CCC are doing in this time and place to live out Jesus’ mandate to love and serve. You are rock stars in your commitment to justice and peace! Rock on!
In Christ’s love, 
Pastor Candy
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