I think it’s great that CCC is a polling place, for more than one reason.

Dear Congregation,

I pray you are doing well as we continue onward in this marathon of life-style adjustments to the pandemic we’re experiencing. Please know that you really are in my thoughts and prayers!

On Primary Election Day, Tuesday, August 18th , Kelsey Hall will once again serve as a polling place for two precincts. The equipment has already been unloaded and is waiting to be set up for the poll workers. A big thank you to Daniel Best who coordinates this important event under sometimes challenging circumstances!

 I think it’s great that CCC is a polling place, for more than one reason. It’s nice, of course, to be financially compensated for the use of the building, but, perhaps more important, it’s a way for our church to be seen as part of the community. It’s also a way for poll workers and voters alike to get a glimpse of what we value as people of faith, through our posters and signs. Thanks to Karen Kett for the signs pictured above! And just maybe, people will notice the sign out front inviting everyone to join us for our live-streamed Facebook worship service.

Voting is important. I remember standing in line with my parents as they waited to vote when I was a little girl. What a great example! Throughout my life I’ve voted at polling places in many different kinds of locations—churches, schools, libraries, a city services building, and now by mail-in-ballot. It has always given me a little thrill to vote, as I’ve felt privileged to live in a democracy, in a country where I have a voice.

The UCC’s “Our Faith, Our Vote” campaign is aptly named, for the values of our Christian faith must surely inform, not only the choices we make on our ballot, but the commitment to fair voting for all eligible voters. It is a justice issue.

And so, I urge you to first, be informed on the candidates and issues, and then vote as your faith leads you. “Happy is the nation whose God is the LORD…”(Psalm 33:12).

In Christ’s love, 

Pastor Candy

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