Halloween is coming soon and brings back happy memories from my childhood.

Dear Congregation,
Halloween is coming soon and brings back happy memories from my childhood. Attending the children’s Halloween party at First Evangelical and Reformed Church, Sandusky, OH, was a big part of the fun. The annual event was held in the basement of the two-story red brick church, staffed by Sunday School teachers and church leaders. Wearing our costumes, my sister and brother and I, along with our Sunday School friends, would enjoy playing games such as bobbing for apples, the marshmallow on a string pull, and musical chairs. But the most fun was running around like mad through the dusty green velvet curtains across the stage which was at one end of the basement!
What I don’t remember is that any one of the grownups yelled at us to stop or settle down. The atmosphere was one of acceptance and joy in the fun of the evening. The adults seemed united in their efforts to give us kids a good time and to have us experience the reality that joy is to be found in church, as well as worship, learning, and prayer. The Halloween party recognized that kids and fun had a home at church.
After sixty-five years I can still remember the sight and taste of the refreshments—delicious, big, orange-frosted pumpkin cookies and Steuk’s locally made crisp apple cider. I can also remember that I was ordained in that same church many years later. Who knows what seeds can be sown in children’s lives with a Halloween party in which joy, acceptance, fun, (and cookies!) and God’s loving spirit are present?
A Happy Halloween to you!
In Christ’s love.
Pastor Candy
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