Greetings to each of you as we are on the cusp of entering into the new month of August in this memorable year of 2020

Dear Congregation,

 Greetings to each of you as we are on the cusp of entering into the new month of August in this memorable year of 2020. I hope you are doing well, as we await news of whether Tropical Storm Isaias will be coming our way this weekend! I imagine that many of you share my sentiment, “REALLY??? Isn’t being in a pandemic hot spot enough to deal with without having to worry about that?”

And so I found it a welcome relief from worry to watch the funeral service of Congressman John Lewis today as his extraordinary life was celebrated by a variety of powerful speakers, including three past U.S. presidents, pastors, political leaders friends, staff, Civil Rights activists, and family. It was a memorial service in which the power of one man, grounded in his Christian faith, to make real change was lifted up as encouragement for all of us to do what we can to make a positive difference in our country. Many of the speakers ended their eulogies by saying that one of the best ways to honor Congressman Lewis’ life would be for everyone to vote, and to encourage others to do the same.

Hopefully you have noticed that we have been including in this weekly newsletter messages on voting under the “Our Faith, Our Vote” logo from the UCC’s national campaign. We will continue to do so until the November presidential election. I quote from the campaign’s resource material:

 “The problems in our world often seem too big to confront. We see injustice every day and feel that change can’t or won’t happen, But our faith is infused with hope and built on a foundation of action. By serving the vulnerable, feeding the hungry, and standing in solidarity with the oppressed, we serve as God’s hands.

Voting is a natural extension of faithful action. The decisions made by our representatives have a wide-reaching impact. We have enormous potential to make positive change. We must engage our legislators, vote, and encourage everyone in our communities to do the same. Our faithful voice is needed. It is tempting to disengage from the political process. As people dedicated to creating a just world for all, we know we must be involved. This election season it is essential that people raise their voices and vote.”

Yesterday I mailed in my ballot for the August election. I urge you to either vote by mail or vote in person. JUST VOTE, after researching what candidates and issues are aligned with our Christian values.

Stay safe and know we are not alone in all the storms of life. God is with us, our strength and our shield.

In Christ’s love.

Pastor Candy

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