Find Comfort and Renewal with Us!

Starting this week, we’re excited to offer two new ways to support your well-being, completely free of charge!

🕯️ Grief Support Groups: Join us every fourth Monday at 6:30 PM for a safe space to share, heal, and connect with others who understand. Our monthly gatherings promise compassionate support and understanding as we navigate the journey of grief together. The next Meeting will be Monday, May 27th.

🧘‍♀️ Yoga for Mind and Body: Discover the soothing power of yoga with our weekly sessions! Every Wednesday, unwind with Chair Yoga at 6:00 PM, perfect for all levels and abilities. Then, at 7:00 PM, immerse yourself in the flowing movements of Gentle Vinyasa Yoga, designed to restore balance and vitality.

Whether you’re seeking solace in community or rejuvenation through movement, we invite you to join us on these healing journeys.

Please be sure to register!

Grief Support Groups:

Yoga Classes: