Dear Congregation

Dear Congregation,

This Sunday in worship our focus will be on the account of Jesus’ cleansing of the temple, which is found in all four gospels – Matthew 21:12–17, Mark 11:15–19, Luke 19:45–48, John 2:13–22. As I’ve mentioned to you in the past, any time a Bible story is shared in all the Gospels it emphasizes its importance. Here is a poem referring to that event in which we see a different side of Jesus.

We will celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion during worship, bless our CWS Blankets, and afterward enjoy a Justice Luncheon together in Kelsey Hall.

NAACP speaker Harold Ford will update us on what that organization is doing in these challenging times.. Bianca and I anticipate having some guests, so please make them welcome, as you are so good at doing!

Please plan to be present. God Bless You.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Candy

“Come and Cleanse Your House Again” by Lisa Degrenia

Merciful Savior,

You offer your house to the nations

for worship and prayer,

forgiveness and healing,

community with you and with others.

Come and cleanse your house again.

Forgive us for losing sight of your agenda.

Forgive us for all the obstacles

we put in the way of people connecting with you.

Come and cleanse your house again.

Drive out the mistrust, false teaching, and prejudice.

Turn over the tables of gossip, hypocrisy, and apathy.

Empty us of addiction to money, things, and power.

Come and cleanse your house again.

Return us to humility, charity, and sacrifice.

Fill your house with welcome, growth, and redeeming love.

Bathe us in your grace and holiness

so everything we do draws people to you

and brings honor to your name. Amen.

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