As you know Christ Congregational Church is in a time of transition.

Dear Congregation,

As you know Christ Congregational Church is in a time of transition. You are being served by an Interim Minister who was called to do specific work with the congregation prior to the calling of a settled pastor. As an important part of that process, members of a Transition Team have been selected by Council to work with me and the congregation. They are Judy and John Bowling, Joan Campagna, Judy Carlson, Joan Chandler, Susan Hudson-Manteiga, Hermes Morrell, Peggy Olson, and Bennie Wiley. Their willingness to give of their time and talents to this important work is much appreciated. We began our work together with our first meeting on November 1st.

What will the Transition Team be doing, you might well ask. Their tasks are:

  • To work with me on concerns and issues within the congregation
  • To conduct a detailed analysis of the congregation’s ministry within the congregation and to the community.
  • To be trained by me for personal interviews and cottage meetings with members of the congregation. These meetings will help to identify issues and will help to project goals for the future.
  • To assist the congregation in determining ways in which to meet these goals.
  • To meet with the Search Committee, when it is established, and to share all pertinent information.
  • To monitor the progress toward the goals of the congregation.

We will be meeting regularly and will present a report at each Council meeting.
During this Interim time, the congregation will also be called on to do some work on Developmental Tasks in five specific areas. In various ways we will:

  • Look at the history of the congregation and how it impacts the church’s present and future.
  • Become clear about the church’s identity
  • Examine leadership roles, encouraging new leadership to step forward
  • Strengthen our relationship with our UCC denomination and the church at large
  • Make a commitment to new pastoral leadership and a new future

This is an exciting journey we are on together. As I am getting to know and to care about both you and this church, I look forward to working together toward a future in which the great potential with which you have been gifted by God will be fully realized.

In Christ Love!  

Pastor Candy Thomas
Interim Pastor
Christ Congregational United Church of Christ