As we approach Mother’s Day on Sunday

Dear Congregation, 
As we approach Mother’s Day on Sunday, I share with you this prayer by Rochelle A. Stackhouse and invite your prayers for all mothers. 
Loving God, the prophets have spoken of how you are a mother to us: giving us life, teaching us the way to go, correcting us when wrong, feeding and nurturing us with good things. We are grateful for all your mothering, not only of us, but of all your creation. 
We thank you for our own mothers, those who gave us life, those who raised and taught us, those who sacrificed for us. Help us to forgive the times our mothers failed us or hurt us. If our mothers have died, we pray they rest from their labors in the peace of your love. 
We ask your blessings and help for all who are mothers. Give them partners along the way, for no one can raise a child alone. Bring healing and help to those mothers who have lost their way and abuse their children. Bring peace to those mothers who have had to relinquish their children to be raised by family or adoptive parents. 
Bless those who give so much as foster mothers and grant them the support and resources they need to keep the children in their care healthy and strong. Give help and hope to those women seeking to be mothers who suffer from infertility; especially on this day they need your warm embrace in their pain. And be with those awaiting children by adoption that they might be graced with patience and trust. Bless those who are pregnant and awaiting motherhood that their pregnancies might be healthy and their spirits patient as well. 
Be especially with women the world over who are struggling to raise children in the midst of war, of poverty, of oppression, of fear. Be with refugees, the homeless, those caught in abusive relationships. 
Strengthen mothers of all nations whose children are soldiers or work in other dangerous professions as they fear for their safety daily. Comfort all mothers whose children have died or are seriously ill and help them to lean on you. 
Help us, as members of this church, to take our baptismal promises seriously and act as godmothers and godfathers to the children of the church and as supports to their parents. May we remember always that we are all children of one God. 
Grant that all mothers everywhere may hold dear those moments of sheer joy in the presence of their children, never taking them for granted, but thanking you for the privilege of raising your children. Bless all mothers that they might be parents in your image; help them to reach out to you, remembering that you know what it’s like to mother the world. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. 
Happy Mother’s Day! 
In Christ’s love, 
Pastor Candy 
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