A word from Pastor Candy!

Dear Church,   

……….It was good to be together in worship with you last Sunday as we shared our first live-streaming of an entire service on Facebook! Thanks so much to Daniel Best, Graham Bryan, and Jay Harragin pooling their gifts of technical expertise, music-making, and expressive reading, joining with me to help make it happen! I truly believe God was in this, as the glitches we experienced were resolved almost miraculously close to our 10:30 a.m. deadline to begin filming! I really appreciated you signing in and the comments you made!   

………In this rapidly changing time, as we respond to the Coronavirus pandemic, I will do my best to bring you some form of worship experience on Facebook. The tripod I ordered through Amazon to hold my i-Phone in the event that I have to film from my living room arrived this morning! I am ready! Flexibility and Faith are everything!

……….Looking ahead, please note that next Sunday, April 5th is Palm Sunday. If we are still live-streaming worship on our Facebook page, I plan to offer Holy Communion across the airwaves. If you’d like to participate on your end, please have bread and grape juice/wine handy. (Actually, any bread, crackers, or drink will do. One of my most meaningful home communions was using Cheetos and Gatorade from a vending machine shared with a nursing home resident when nothing else was available.) I will consecrate the elements during the service. The same will be true for Easter on April 12th. During Holy Week there will also be some type of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday worship offered on our Facebook page. More information will be given closer to that time.

……….Please read our weekly e-newsletter and let Michelle know of any announcements you’d like included. We want to stay connected with each other. Our web page is also a source of information. Do let me know if you need help with anything. I am only a phone call, text, or email away. God Bless You!

In Christ’s love,
Pastor Candy
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